Christopher Cote

︎︎︎ I teach and design.

Social Media Prophylactics, 2020–ongoing

Publication, All–Ways–Open, with Everett Epstein, 2022–ongoing

U Planet, with Goeun Park, 2023.

Chroma Key Me, 2022.

Poster, Design In Seoul Study Abroad, 2023.

Postcard, Greetings from Providence Rhode Island, 2019

Identity system, social media, website design (Wei Hao Wang), Projecting Fellows Symposium, 2020

Pamphleting, Say Thank You and Be Nice (Bless Your Heart), 2022

Collaborative Zine, To Perform: Making Public, (available through Draw-Down), 2021

Exhibition design, Text + Image University of Tennessee School of Design, 2019

Poster, I Go On and On, 2022.

Quarantine Puzzle, 2020

Logo and identity, OMNI Water Heater and Maintenance Services, 2022

Dan Perjovschi, Doubts and Comments, 2016

Reconstructed Influencer PosesPost Contact, 2020

Identity and Website, Regional Globalism in the Tennessee Valley, 2022–ongoing

Identity, Percent Craft Brew Pub, 2015

K.NOTe no. 1–17, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, with Daeil Kim, 2016

Overprinting series, Warning Signs, 2017–2018

[b]racket magazine, 2011–2016

b. 1985–

Identity (designed with Ji Kim), RISD Grad Show, 2019

Third Grade Poetry Slam, Cumberland, Rhode Island, 2018

CMYK Screenprinting Test Pattern, Upright Press, 2021

Overhead Projections, live for Sleep Stalker, with Jess Hinshaw, 2012

Sticker, normal is a lie, 2021

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